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This is the latest film by director David Rolfe, who returns to the subject of the Turin Shroud, which was the focus of his 1978 BAFTA award winning documentary, The Silent Witness. In the years since then, the reputation of this revered Christian relic has been severly damaged by the result of a radiocarbon dating test in 1988, which delivered the verdict that the Shroud was a medieval forgery dating from the period 1260 to 1390 AD. However, there is a catalogue of less well-publicised scientific and historical evidence that contradicts this claim. Who Can He Be? outlines several reasons why the result of the controversial C-14 test should not be trusted and profiles some of the remarkable scientific research which has led many to the conclusion that this sacred cloth was the burial shroud of Jesus Christ.

Please be aware that the film contains brief visual references to Roman crucifixion practices.

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"In the beginning was The Word…and The Word was made flesh".

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