$1 Million Challenge to British Museum Now Expanded to USA

No response from British Museum to David Rolfe’s 2022 Challenge

The winning copy of the Shroud of Turin must comply with established measurable criteria based on extensive modern analysis. IMPORTANT: Entries must not show the prominent linear burn marks from the well-documented 1532 fire in Chambery, France. These distinctive marks post-date the existing known and unquestioned minimum age of the Shroud, which is 1356 in Lirey, France.

  1. Depth of colour penetration equal to 0.2 micrometre, which corresponds to the thickness of the primary cell wall of the linen fibre. The cellulose of the medulla is colourless.

  2. There must be a half tone effect, where the shading of the image is due to the areal density of the fibres that each have the same colour, i.e., the same RGB value. This variation should be such that when rendered as a 3D profile based on the intensity of the shading, should produce an accurately contoured 3D image of a human form.

  3. The fibres are uniformly coloured round their cylindrical surface.

  4. The front and back images of the body must show the same color intensity.

  5. There must be no visible trace of any paint, ink, dye, stain, or pigments.

  6. Contestants must match both the pattern of bloodstains seen on the Shroud of Turin, and the composition of blood, including hemoglobin, bilirubin, immunoglobulin, and albumin. In addition, the largest blood stains should exhibit surrounding areas of ultraviolet fluorescence as noted on the Shroud.

  7. When light and shade are reversed as in a photographic negative, the image must appear as a realistic and anatomically accurate representation of a body.

  8. Contestants must be able to replicate the above 7 features simultaneously in a single full-size front/back image, that is, with the same size and shape as the front/back figures of the Shroud of Turin using only materials and methods available to an alleged medieval forger.

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